#PMLive: Museveni Cautions Parents Against Marrying Off their Underage Daughters

President Yoweri Museveni warned parents against marrying off their underage daughters saying it’s associated with high risks of death and complications during pregnancies.
Museveni made the remarks while in Magogo village in Nawaningi sub county Iganga district where he had gone to express his condolences and sympathy to parents, husband and relatives of the fallen Iganga district Woman MP Magumba Kawudha
Museveni advised pregnant mothers to always go for antenatal checkups early enough to screen out possible health complications like pressure which is associated with pregnant mothers.
Museveni however said there was some sort of negligence and laxity by the deceased in going for antenatal checkups which resulted into her death.
Medical reports indicate that the deceased had never attended antenatal care despite reaching the trimester of her pregnancy.
Acting on the request of the LC5 Chairman Patrick Kayemba, President Museveni pledged to support some activities that the late had started.

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