Gulu archdiocese pilgrims set off to Namugongo on foot

Catholic pilgrims from Gulu Archdiocese have started their walk to Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine in Kampala. The over 300 pilgrims were flagged off from Gulu Cathedral, today. Most of the pilgrims are women, making their show of commitment to the faith. Gulu Archdiocese is leading the catholic celebrations at Namugongo on June 3rd, the designated day to commemorate the life of the Uganda Martyrs. The deputy chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Monsignor Laurence Komakech, says the walk will take two weeks. He says they have prepared the pilgrims through physical exercises so they can overcome any challenges along the way. Their first point of rest in the 14 days walk will be at Minakulu parish in Oyam district.


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